Utsuwa Project
December, 2015

A small space to enrich your life.

Introducing a modern, authentic Japanese room to the world

In this age of information and commodity overload, we offer a simple relaxation space. Wouldn’t it be nice to have a space, no matter how small it may be, where you can just be yourself or spend time with those close to you, even if for a brief time? A small space to enrich your life.

Traditional room elements such as Tatami, Fusuma, and Shoji used to be a part of ordinary life in Japan, but it became less common to have a traditional Japanese room in our house. We at the Utsuwa Project aspire to re-introduce these materials, techniques, and commitments to everyday life.

The Utsuwa Project began in December 2015. We gathered expert craft workers who use the highest quality materials with the hope that we will produce an enduring product.

We have designed a three tatami mat Japanese style room in the belief that manifesting our idea in a physical space will demonstrate our philosophy. We would like to show this room to as many people as possible in many differing contexts. Collaboration with people and settings is important to us. We want to bring this room all over Japan and even abroad. We sincerely hope our message and the philosophy of the Utsuwa Project will reach you. The basis for the exhibition tour is encounter with people, places and further development. The Utsuwa Project team wants to connect users with producers.

The Utsuwa team is the result of close collaboration between a stained glass artist, a woodworker, a tatami maker, two hyogu makers and an architect. We hope our message will reach you as we enter into our second year of this project.

Rieko Uchida
Utsuwa project 2017


When people first enter, they notice the pleasant fragrance of the tatami.

The atmosphere is relaxing and peaceful.

After sitting in the room for a while, people notice how perfectly the stained-glass suits the atmosphere of the room.

We are happy to hear them say the experience is wonderful.